Open Water Referral Checkout Dives

Professional Dive Instructors & Relaxed Pace

You’ve completed your E-Learning and Pool Training and now you need your 4 open water training dives to earn your open water scuba certification.  There’s no better place to breathe underwater for the first time. Bring your E-Learning completion and instructor signatures from the pool and we will take care of the rest. We have warm water, clear water, and so much to look at. Wet-suits optional!

Open Water Referral Check-out Dives

Open Water Referral Checkout Dives

Get Scuba Certified

Complete your E-Learning & Pool Training from home and finish your training in Key Largo Florida with 4 ocean dives on the coral reef.

  • 4 Ocean dives over 2 days

  • All Rental Gear Is Included

  • All major training agencies accepted. Call us to confirm.

Great Boats

Worth it!

Best Crew

Open Water Referral Diver Requirements

Must submit medical questionnaire (some medical histories require prior doctor approval).

The open water referral dive program is for those that want to complete their open water scuba certification in the warm water of the Florida Keys. After completing your classroom and pool sessions at a dive shop in your local you will be ready for your required 4 open water dives. These 4 dives are completed over 2 days. During the open water training dives you will practice and demonstrate the skills you learned in the pool session.  Our world class scuba instructors will be with you the entire time to help perfect your new scuba skills and show you the third largest living barrier reef in the world.

Pool Training (Confined Dives)

Must be completed before arrival

Referral divers must have completed the entire pool training itinerary and have the appropriate signatures from their scuba instructor. Additional pool training is available if needed.

4 Open Water Dives

Completed in Key Largo

Over 2 days you will complete 4 separate training dives.  Each dive will consist of specific tasks to you need to complete but most importantly you will have time to dive and have fun.

Open Water Scuba Diving Certification Skills

Becoming a great diver involves learning a lot about your equipment, the environment, and the effects compressed air has on our bodies.  The open water diver course will begin to teach you this skills.

  • Scuba Mask Clearing

  • Gear Kit Assembly

  • Predive Safety Check

  • Buoyancy Check

  • Weight Check

  • Regulator Recovery

  • Regulator Recovery

  • Emergency Ascent

  • Remove & Replace Weights

  • Remove & Replace Gear

  • Controlled Descent

  • Controlled Ascent

  • Alternate Air Source Use

  • Free Descent

  • Cramp Removal

  • Tired Diver Tow

  • Surface Swim With Compass

  • Snorkel Regulator Exchange

  • Underwater Compass Navigation

What can I do with Open Water Scuba Certification?

Open Water Scuba Certification opens up a whole new world for scuba divers. Now you will be able to get on dive charters, purchase scuba gear, get tanks filled, and explore under sea down to a depth of 60ft.

Dive to a Depth of 60ft

Maximum depth

Never dive deeper than you are trained or outside your comfort zone.

Purchase Scuba Gear

Tanks, BCD, Regulators

Certified can purchase all required scuba gear to go explore. Show your certification to any dive shop.

Go on a Dive Trip

Scuba Charters

Being a Certified Diver is a requirement for all dive charter dive trips. Now you can purchase tickets.

Advance Your Training

Become a better diver

Certified Open Water Divers are eligible to enroll in various scuba diving training courses and programs.