Key Largo Dive Trips

Key Largo Scuba Diving offers morning and afternoon dive/snorkel trips daily. All trips include  2 tanks and weights. The morning and afternoon dive trips include 1 Hour of time in water at two different locations. The dive trip locations change daily and are chosen from of the 100+ available sites in Key Largo. If you have a specific location you would like to dive please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Key Largo Dive Trips

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Key Largo Private Diving and Snorkeling Charters
Key Largo Scuba Diving Dive Trips

Private Key Largo Dive Trips & Charters

Best Key Largo Dive Sites

All day time dive trips are 2 separate locations, 2 tank dives, and lasts approx 4 hours. The reefs in Key Largo, Florida are located 3-6 miles offshore. It takes about 35-60 minutes to get from the dock to different dive sites.If it has been more than a year from the time of your last dive a Scuba Diving Refresher Course will be needed before you can go scuba diving on a dive trip.

Molasses Reef Diving & Snorkeling Site | Hole in the Wall

Hole In The Wall

Molasses Reef | Key Largo, Florida

Navigate a finger channel and surround yourself with coral, fans, and the possibility to see anything!

Spiegel Grove Dive Trip | Key Largo, Florida

USS Spiegel Grove Wreck

Third Largest Wreck Dive in the World

Over 500 ft long and 80 tall this a World Class Dive Site. Beginner Wreck Divers and Technical Divers.

Fire Coral Cave Dive Trip | Key Largo | Florida Keys

Fire Coral Cave

Molasses Reef | Key Largo Florida

One of the Most adundant displays of coral, schools of Barracuda, tropical fish, and really cool swimthrough.

Benwood Wreck

Great First Time Wreck Dive

Resident Turtles, schools of fish, nurse sharks, and huge intact hull is a great dive for all skill levels

Five Caves

French Reef | Key Largo Florida

Explore various swim-throughs for different skill levels and literally dissect the reef and create your own adventure

Yellow Brick Road Molasses Reef | Key Largo, Florida

Yellow Brick Road

Molasses Reef | Key Largo Florida

Central to the reef, depths, and variety this site open up Molasses Reef entirely for a single dive.

Eagle Ray Alley

Molasses Reef | Key Largo Florida

Navigate the finger channel and see the best Molasses has to offer. Look for Spotted Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks, and Coral.

Christ of the Abyss Statue | Key Largo | Florida Keys

Dry Rocks Reef

Christ of the Abyss Statue

One of the most popular snorkeling sites in the World, the Christ Statue is also a dive site in approx 27 ft of water.