What does PADI stand for?

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ADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, it is one of the largest scuba diving organizations in the world. Whether you are an avid diver or you are new to the dive community, you have probably heard of PADI. PADI is accepted by scuba diving shops around the world and operates in 186 different countries. This organization offers instruction and training for different scuba diving certifications and they are also passionate about environmental conservation.

If you are not sure whether scuba diving is for you or not, no need to worry because PADI offers a Try Scuba Diving or Discovery Scuba Course. This course will introduce you to the sport of scuba diving without having to complete a full PADI Open Water Certification course. This is a quick way to learn the basics of scuba diving; some shops in Key Largo offer a one day discover scuba course. If you fall in love with scuba diving then you can decide to join the PADI open water diver course. 

Whats PADI stand for?
What does PADI mean?
PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Want to earn your open water scuba diving certification?

PADI’s got you covered, you can join a PADI open water diver course. In this course a PADI instructor will teach you how to safely scuba dive. Once completed you will receive your scuba diving certification, which enables you to go scuba diving around the world including tropical paradises like Key Largo Florida. You will learn scuba diving terminology, techniques, and basic skills. You can look to see if your local dive shop offers an open water diver course today. If not, the Florida Keys has plenty of dive shops that can get you certified as a PADI open water diver in only a few days.

If you are already a certified diver and you want to advance your dive skills or become a dive professional, PADI has many different options for you. If you are an open water diver and want to learn new skills or improve on old skills you can take PADI specialty courses. These courses include topics such as night diving, wreck diving, underwater photography, deep diving, and more. If you want to improve your underwater skills you can become an advanced open water diver and a rescue diver. To become a PADI dive professional you can take their divemaster course, or if you want to become an instructor they have an instructor development course. There are many different PADI professionals and you can visit their website for more information.

PADI is also focused on protecting our oceans and coastlines, which is why they partner and support many important ocean foundations. For example, they partner with the AWARE foundation where they help create programs that educate the public on different ocean threats. They have also partnered with Blancpain to increase the number of marine protected areas. Look on PADI’s website for more information on how you can get involved to help better protect our ocean. 

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